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Our courses are created with you in mind

Our courses are created with you in mind


Terry Wildemann is an intuitive and motivational coach. Her direct approach has helped me to see things more clearly, resulting in making decisions that I had procrastinated due to uncertainty. She has motivated me to do what I knew but had not acknowledged that I should do. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom, Terry!”

Ana Martínez

There are angels on earth and Terry is one of them! I feel like a new woman, excited about my future and looking forward to following my intuition and leading with my heart on the journey ahead, wherever it takes me. Thank you Terry!”

Sarah Ross

Woweeee... I'm blown away by the session I had with Terry. My neck was killing me and I couldn't stand it any more. No one could help and then in one session, Terry did her "thing" and Poof! No more ouchiness, only amazingness. Thanks Terry for being a miracle in my life!”

Tonya Hofmann

Our Vision and Mission


Develop resilient, ethically focused and integrated career professionals and entrepreneurs to serve humanity as connected and tuned-in intuitive leaders and practical business mystics.


Attract and train the finest intuitive faculty and staff, who together, create a world class curriculum of training and education for the modern real world leader and entrepreneur.

Ensure all Intuitive Leadership® University students are prepared to provide  leadership and business wisdom to make a positive difference in the workplace, business and social community.

Ensure that our curriculum provides positive and coherent solutions that are driven by the needs of society and the business community.

Leverage, to the fullest extent possible, joint venture relationships that expand positivity and make a difference on all levels.

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